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We Do Not...

  • We do not guarantee that we will take your case. We consider a number of factors before we agree to perform any paranormal investigations. Feel free to contact us if you need some help but please keep in mind that we do not accept all investigation requests we receive.

  • We never charge any type of fee for our investigations.

  • We do not engage in any kind of occult activity. We are a science-based paranormal investigation team.

  • We do not recommend using a Ouija Board or conducting sťances or engage in any other rituals or activity designed to communicate with the dead. People sometimes engage in activity they do not fully understand and in some cases that activity can have very serious repercussions.

  • Perform exorcisms or any other religious rites or rituals. We are not clergy and again, these issues need to be handled by experts in this field.

  • Claim to be able to rid your locations of ghosts. Based up on our investigative findings and your specific situation, we may be able to suggest a course of action to you that can be helpful, however we do not make any guarantees or claims to be able to rid people of any paranormal issues they may have. Although we will try to help the best we can, we absolutely make no guarantees whatsoever. Please remember that we are not Ghostbusters, we are investigators.

    Certain issues, especially ones which involve demonic entities or possessions should ALWAYS be left to experts in these fields, specifically demonologists and/or members of the spiritual community who are trained to work with these types of issues.
    Paranormal investigators are generally not trained in these areas.

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