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WCSS Investigative Methods

WCSS employs a variety of techniques and technolgies to assist in our investigations of suspected paranormal locations. Some of the methods we use are shown below.


EVP stands for Electronic Voice Phenomenon. It is believed that sometimes spirits try to communicate with us in frequencies that are beyond ourability to decipher. However, it has been found that modern recording devices can sometimes pick up and record these communications. To record EVPs, we use digital voice recorders, to review and process EVP evidence we use computer software.



EMF stands for Electro Magnetic Field. Ghosts may emit strong fields of EMF which if true allows paranormal investigators to determine if a ghost is nearby by using an EMF meter. There are also natural and man-made sources of EMF which at high levels can cause a variety of problems which may bring about feelings or perceptions of paranormal activity where none actually exist. During an investigation, we will perform a sweep of a location to determine the baseline EMF levels.



We use active infrared-based camcorders and still image cameras using nightvision equipment capable of filming or taking pictures in total darkness without using bright light or flash. Ghosts sometimes take advantage of the darkness to make noises or movements, and otherwise manipulate items in an environment that may normally go unseen.


We use a modified digital camera that allows capturing digital images in the full spectrum. Standard cameras allow you to capture images in the normal light spectrum, however our camera not only captures the visible light spectrum but the ultraviolet and infrared spectrums as well. WCSS also employs an non-full spectrum version of this camera in order to compare two images taken at the same moment using different technologies.


NVD stands for Night Vision Devices. Aside from infrared technology, WCSS also employs image-intesifying night vision devices to aid in our ability to gather evidence in low-light conditions. This night vision monocular either amplies available ambient light sources  or uses infared light projected from a built-in illuminator. Our system is uses a special mount to adapt to any digital camera that is tripod mountable including our full-spectrum model. 



Spirit activity is commonly associated with cold spots in the environment. We use non-contact thermometers to try and isolate and verify the existance of these cold spots. 

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