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Is My Location Haunted?

One or two of these are usually the norm, although at times more than that may occur, although it would be fairly rare. Many of these occurrences can usually be explained though logical means after a paranormal investigation has been completed.

The most obvious clue would probably be seeing an actual ghost which can run the gamut of looking and acting like normal people to shapes or apparitions which can be solid or transparent.

Seeing strange or out of the ordinary things including shadows, orbs of light, moving lit shapes or perhaps just seeing something out of the corner of your eye.

Is your pet acting a little odd? Does it seem like sometimes it reacts to some invisible object or force? It is believed Pets can sense or even see spirits that human beings cannot.

Hearing strange or out of the ordinary things. The most common sounds are footsteps, talking, singing, whispering and banging.

What is that strange smell? Perfume or cologne that is unrecognized, flowers, sweets or baking or maybe something foul or unpleasant.

Feeling strange or abnormal, cold spots, being touched, hair or clothes being pulled or maybe even physical problems like headaches/nausea. You may even feel as though you are being watched.

And our favorite... moving objects. Everyday objects that have inexplicably moved, doors and cabinets that open and close by themselves, lights turning on/off, lost items, objects falling off shelves, furniture sliding across the room, and even pictures moving are all really good indications of paranormal activity.


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