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Common Entity Types


It is speculated by some that orbs are balls of energy and others believe they are a spirit in it's most basic form. Either of these ideas are certainly a possibility, however we believe that most pictures of "orbs" are simply dust or condensation in the air and have nothing at all to do with paranormal activity. We do, however believe that there are some exceptions to this and once in a while we capture what we believe to be a real bonafide orb.        



Shadow People are generally black, humanoid-shaped, shadowy silhouettes which can evolve from simple black masses. The Shadow Person's height can range from child to adult sized and they usually have no discernible facial features. Shadow people tend to move quickly and are known to skulk down hallways and hide in corners. 


The appearance of an apparition may be almost surreal in that it may be glowing, floating, walking, or doing any number of different activities when it manifests. These entities may be transparent "ghostly" figures or fully opaque resembling a real person. These apparitions generally appear in period clothing and usually vanish a second or two after being seen. An apparition who attempts to communicate or interact with the environment may be an intelligent type. If they seem to be performing a series of predetermined actions without regard to anyone or any thing then it may be a residual type of haunting. 


Demons are thought to be non-human entities that can and will take advantage of a person's weakened emotional state. People going through divorce, suffering from depression, or taking part in drug and alcohol abuse seem to be prime targets for demonic entities. Demonic hauntings in their early phases resemble other forms of hauntings but tend to become more dramatic and violent as time goes on. 

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