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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is my location haunted?
A. There are several factors to consider when trying to determine if your location is indeed experiencing paranormal activity. A good place to start is our Is My Location Haunted? page. 

Q. Are ghosts real?
A. In our experiences, yes. We base this belief on evidence we have collected and analyzed. If you feel life ends when your body dies, best of luck to you.

Q. How can I request a paranormal investigation at my location?
A. Not from us, we ceased operations on May 1st, 2010.

Q. What areas do you cover?
A. When we were active, we covered the greater Portland Metro area but we considered any case in the Pacific Northwest.

Q. Are all ghosts bad?
A. We don't think so but people's individual beliefs on this topic can be varied. If most ghosts are indeed the spirits of the living that have since passed away, it is logical that their personalities traits would carry on in their present form. If a person was mean spirited in life it is likely that they would act the same way as a spirit.  

Q. Do you recommend using a Ouijia board to try and make contact with the spirits of the deceased?
A. No, we absolutely do not recommend using a Oujia board to contact the dead. It is thought by many that these devices can be used to open portals that are best left unopened.

Q. My location is haunted and it is ruining my life, can you get rid of the ghosts that haunting my home?
A. We are not ghostbusters, we cannot make any guarantees of removing any spirits from any location. Unfortunantly, there are no 100% proven methods for doing this that we have found. What we can do is investigate and attempt to explain what you are experiencing. We may be able to offer some advice depending on your specific situation that may be effective but again, when dealing with paranomal phenonmenon there just are no guarantees.

Q. How much does it cost to have WCSS come to my location and perform an investigation.
A. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. In fact, if anybody tries to charge you a fee to perform an investigation or "get rid" of any ghosts that may be giving you trouble then we suggest that you proceed with extreme caution.

Q. I believe there is a ghost haunting my location, in fact I believe it to be the ghost of a relative.
A. It may be but then again, it may not be. Depending on what your situation is, it may be a malicious spirit pretending to be a deceased relative in order to gain some level of trust and control. We do not believe it is wise to try and befriend a spirit or carry on some sort of relationship. There are just too many unknown variables concerning their motives and true identities. It is good common sense that a loved one would probably not be doing things to scare you or your family.

Q. If WCSS does not charge for investigations, how do you afford to buy equipment and pay your expenses?
A. Our group was a membership association which collected dues from it's members. Nobody in the society makes any profit whatsoever. 100% of the money that is collected is used to pay society expenses.

Q. Don't you know the proper way to spell 'Specter'?
A. LOL. Yes. We decided to use the British spelling of the word to pay homage to the "Spiritualist" craze that was very popular in England in the 1800s.  

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