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This is a list of equipment that is used by the West Coast Spectre Society during the course of our investigations.

Sony SR-45 30GB HD Sony HC-20 Mini-DV
(4) Sony SR-45 30GB Hard Drive Camcorders w/ Nightshot Plus. (1) Sony HC-20 Mini-DV Camcorder w/ Nightshot Plus.
Sony TRV19 Mini-DV 14.37" XLR "Shotgun" Ultra Uni-Directional Microphone

(4) Sony TRV19 Mini-DV Camcorders w/ Nightshot.

(3) 14.37" XLR "Shotgun" Ultra Uni-Directional Microphone. Frequency Response: 100-16000Hz. Camcorder shoe mountable. with 2' cable.

Sony HVL-IRM IR Extender
(3) Sony HVL-IRM Camcorder IR Extender. (4) 48-LED Infrared Illuminator w/ Portable 8-Hour Battery Power.

(1) Digital Dowsing Ovilus-1.
(2) Digital Dowsing iOvilus.

(1) Digital Dowsing R.EVP Reverse EVP Transmitter.
(1) Digital Dowsing Electro-Magentic Pump.
DVR TX120N 4-Channel
Sharp 1/3" CCD

(1) DVR TX120N 4-Channel 120fps/120fps Triplex Digital Video Recorder, w/ CD-RW, 400GB.

(4) Sharp 1/3" CCD Night Vision CCD w/Infrared Illumination (80' range).

Samsung 930b

(1) Samsung 930b 19" LCD Monitor for Video Recording System.

(2) Cen-Tech 96451 Non-Contact IR Thermometer.
Lutron 822-A Digital EMF Meter

(2) K2 ELF II EMF Meter.

(1) Lutron 822A EMF Meter.

Bushnell Nightvision Monocular Yukon Digital Camera Mount

(1) Bushnell 2x24mm 260224 Nightvision Monocular.

(1) Yukon Digital Camera Mount.

Olympus VN-4100PC

(2) Olympus VN-4100PC Digital Voice Recorder.

(1) Sony ICD-PX720 Digital Voice Recorder.

(1) RCA RP5030A Digital Voice Recorder. (4) Motion Alarms.

Olympus FE100
Fuji FinePix J12
(1) Olympus FE100 Digital Camera. (1) Fuji FinePix J12 Digital Camera.
Olympus SP-320 Full-Spectrum Olympus SP-320
(1) Modified Olympus SP-320 Full-Spectrum Digital Camera. (1) Standard Olympus SP-320 Digital Camera.
Canon Powershot A590
(1) Canon Powershot A590. (1) Modified Radio Shack 12-469 Auto-Band Sweeping "Frank's Box".
Creepy Hollow IR Strobe Creepy Hollow UV Strobe
(1) Creepy Hollow IR Strobe.
(1) Creepy Hollow UV Strobe.
Motorola SX600R Motorola Talkabout Headset
(5) Motorola SX600R Talkabout Walkie Talkie. 14-Mile Range.
(5) Motorola Talkabout Headset with Boom Microphone.

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The West Coast Spectre Society is a paranormal investigation group located in Portland, Oregon.
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