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Code of Conduct and Bylaws

Revised: 08/24/2010. Subject to change without notice.

For the purpose of this document, the West Coast Spectre Society will be referred to simply as 'WCSS". WCSS associates are required to stay abreast of any changes made to our code of conduct. Changes may be made at any time at the discretion of the Director.

1. During investigations, associates are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner which including being respectful of your fellow investigators, being mindful of using profane language, and not engaging in practical jokes or horseplay at any time during an investigation.

2. Alcohol or Illegal drug usage before or during an investigation is grounds for immediate dismissal.

3. Associates may not use their own equipment unless authorized by the Director. Cameras will use WCSS flash memory cards and all evidence gathered including used memory cards will be returned to the Director at the end of every investigation.

4. WCSS associates are required to read, understand, and sign the Release from Liability and Confidentiality forms before participating in any investigations.

5. During an investigation, associates will respect the property of our client. It is each individual’s responsibility to replace or repair any item they damage on an investigation. Cemeteries, buildings, houses, or any other location that we investigate will be treated with respect and left undisturbed

6. WCSS associates may perform freelance investigationsoutside of WCSS, however they may not wear WCSS logo attire or represent WCSS in any way without authorization from the Director. 

7. No WCSS associate is permitted to bring guests to an investigation unless there is prior approval from the Director or . If a guest is permitted to attend, they will be expected to comply fully with our by-laws, rules, and procedures or they will not be permitted to attend. Any guests must be 18 years old or older.

8. Only smoke in designated areas and always away from the investigation area and only on designated break periods or down-time.  Be mindful of non-smoking team associate’s rights. 

9. Any associate who does not attend meetings, assigned investigations, or assigned evidence review at least 65% (cumulative) of the time without a valid waiver from the Director or  will be placed on probation or dismissed.

10. Associates who are absent from any pre-investigation briefings (if deemed necessary and scheduled) will not be permitted to participate in that investigation.

11. Associates are required to wear WCSS attire to all investigations and meetings.

12. WCSS associates are required to keep all client information and locations confidential, unless the client has signed a release form and permission has been granted by the Director to disseminate this information outside of the group. Associates are not allowed to speak with the press or media about WCSS activities, clients, other associates, or investigations or otherwise represent WCSS without authorization from the Director.

13. Each associate will be required to follow proper pre-investigation, investigation, and post-investigation procedures and take direction from the Lead Investigator while on an investigation. If the Lead Investigator is unavailable, the Senior Investigator or designated lead member will provide direction.

14. All evidence collected as a result of WCSS investigations becomes property of the WCSS. Evidence may not be posted, transmitted, or reproduced in any form except on the official website without authorization from the Director. Usage of the logo or group name for any commercial or public ventures is strictly prohibited unless authorized by the Director. The group name and logo may be used by the associates for their own personal use for t-shirts, business cards, hats, etc.

15. WCSS only investigates paranormal activity. At no time shall any associate of WCSS make promises to a client to remove or otherwise excise entities from a location. If a blessing is requested by the client and we have trained staff available to do so, the lead investigator will make a determination based on the situation and circumstances.  Associates will not refer clients or make suggestions on how to remove entities. If a recommendation is to be made, it will be made by the Director at the post-investigation client briefing.

16. Safety is the number one concern. If you acting in an unsafe manner, you may be asked to leave the investigation area. Repeated infractions or willful endangerment of others may lead to dismissal from the group.

17. Unless required by the investigation, associates should keep contact with the client to an absolute minimum. Associates are not allowed to comment to the client about any aspect of the investigation until the investigation is complete and the client is officially briefed on the findings by the Director or designated personnel.

18. No firearms or weapons of any kind are allowed to be brought into an investigation. Leatherman tools or pocket knives are allowed as long as they are safely secured.

19. Cell phones or other non-authorized electronics such as MP3 players or radios must be shut off during an investigation. These items may only be used during designated breaks and away from the investigation area. A cel phone number will be a provided to associates during the pre-investigation briefing for emergencies use only.

20. Associates will take direction from their respective section leaders except during an investigation when all personnel report directly to the Lead Investigator.

21. WCSS does not charge a fee for investigations it performs. No WCSS associates may accept money from a client or other source for their work on an investigation or with the group. The group does accept voluntary, unsolicited donations.

22. Associates are required to respond within 24 hours to emails sent to them by WCSS leaders which require a reply. Associates are required to adhere to this requirement 100% of the time.

23. Associates are required to care for and properly maintain the equipment belonging to the group. If an item is broken or damaged from misuse, carelessness, or abuse the associate will be expected to repair or replace the item. Each case involving a broken piece of equipment, it will be carefully reviewed and investigated to ensure fairness to the associate. The Technical Manager is responsible for the accountability of all equipment on an investigation.

24. Personnel issues or complaints that occur outside of an investigation will be reported to the Personnel Manager for review and investigation. Incidents that occur while on an investigation will be reported to the Lead or Senior Investigator for immediate resolution.

25. Violations of the above articles depending on severity may result in the associate receiving a verbal or written warning, a written reprimand, or for more serious infractions dismissal from the group. More than 3 infractions resulting in a written warning or reprimand within a 12 month period may also result in dismissal from the group. Any corrective action taken will be at the Director's sole discretion and may be done so without cause.

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