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The West Coast Spectre Society was founded in 2008 by Steven Williams and Marcus Bjorklund for the purpose of conducting professional paranormal investigations. WCSS is based out of the Portland, Oregon area and accepts cases in the Pacific-NorthWestern region of the United States.

Our membership represents a diverse belief in the paranormal and this diversity is reflected in the way we approach each and every investigation. We find the prospect of encountering paranormal activity on an investigation exciting, however we view our responsibility to be first and foremost to our clients to try and find logical explanations for activity that they may have been experiencing. Unlike some other groups out there, we are not amateur thrill-seekers looking to be scared. We are a professional paranormal investigation team using the latest methods and equipment in the field.

Steven Williams
Founder. WCSS

Marcus Bjorklund
Co-Founder. WCSS

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The West Coast Spectre Society is a paranormal investigation group located in Portland, Oregon.
Home or business haunted? Our team of professional ghost hunters can help.